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Maximum Flavor Media began when three guys who met at film school bonded over a mutual love of filmmaking. They decided to turn their passion into a livelihood, and in 2010 formed their own video production company.

Individually we are accomplished directors, cinematographers and editors - but combined, we produce a creative powerhouse that lives and breathes to deliver impactful content. We need to excite, provoke, and to genuinely engage our audience.

Through our experience as professional filmmakers we understand the power of good organization and the value of precision planning. We’re efficient and capable of incredible turnaround times if that’s what your project demands. It’s important to us that when you work with Maximum Flavor Media it feels like you’re working with friends.

Our mascot and logo, Max, is a flying ostrich. An ostrich that has discovered the ability to soar through the air is an animal that has achieved its maximum flavor potential. Choose us as your video production company and together we’ll untap your own creative potential.

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The Maximum Flavor Media team are experts in producing high end video and media. I've worked with them on multiple projects for the past several years and they have impressed me every time with their broad expertise, responsiveness, creativity and professionalism. Fun to work with! Creative giants!

Diane Anglin, Marketing Director Clark Construction

Time and time again you guys take an idea and help craft and mold it into something really awesome. With each project, different as they are, we are met with unwavering energy, humor, creativity and professionalism. You all have become part of our Bay Area DPR family and an amazing ally in helping shape our regional marketing efforts.

Julie Wrighton, Marketing Manager DPR Construction

Max Flavor is amazing! Creative. High-quality. Efficient. They have been perfect partners in enhancing our script ideas…while being honest enough to help us rewrite (or remove) bad ideas. The end product exceeded our expectations by far. Mitch and his crew are top notch!

Mike Humphrey, Regional Manager DPR Construction

The crew at Maximum Flavor make things happen. From 'hey, wouldn't it be cool if..' through to the beautifully polished final product, they get it done...on time, under budget and with some laughs along the way.

Matthew Walker and Ryan Lynch Story Developing...

When I was given the opportunity to direct the music video for Hamish Anderson’s Burn, I turned to Maximum Flavor Media to produce. They did an outstanding job. The video would not have turned out as well as it did without their invaluable efforts.

Ian Corson Writer/Director

Our work with Mitch Roth, Mark Heim, and their team at Maximum Flavor Media aimed to produce a video clip to showcase our new wine auction offering. We had a tight 3 week timeline, required an off-site video shoot, and the final work had to be available in both English and Chinese. We were thrilled when Mitch and his team delivered first and second drafts immediately after filming, and worked to complete the video even as we made changes at the last minute. The work and revisions performed were beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Mitch and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some. The auction was a major success, and it would not have been without the addition of such a high-class video.

Eric Braa, GM Presidential Wine Club

Making a video about a terrific organization can be terrifically hard work! When our board of directors and executive staff at Support for Families of Children with Disabilities needed to create a short video to get the word out about the important work the organization does, we were so pleased to get the opportunity to work with Maximum Flavor Media. Mitch, Mark and their team helped us script a concise, effective narration, create a moving photo montage and filmed some very powerful interviews with a few of our families. The scope of the work of Support for Families is so big, it is difficult to winnow it down into an engaging short film, but by capturing the heart and compassion of our families on film, they really communicated what makes the organization so powerful and so vital to the bay area.

Mitch, Mark and everyone at MFM worked within our hectic schedules, they were there when you needed them and they made our families feel really valued and listened to. They created a safe and creative environment for people to tell their stories. We are all so pleased with the results and thank everyone at Maximum Flavor Media for helping get the word out about Support for Families!

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