Music video created entirely with still images

5 Nov

We’re really excited to bring you our latest music video adventure! Check out the video for Latyrx’s track “Exclamation Point”

The entire video was shot with still images, there was no video camera involved. We used the Nikon D700 for every frame of the video. Most of the still images were shot at 4-6 frames a second, some were much slower time lapses. After each day we’d gather the images and compile those into an image sequence that ran at 24fps. We then edited the video together using the video clips created from thousands of still images.

Sound sync was definitely a challenge… We wanted to keep the same style throughout the video, including the shots of the performers singing. We achieved this by slowing down the playback music to 25% and shooting 6 stills a second. All of their actions, including singing, had to be performed at 25% speed. That way when we created the image sequences it would sync up with the track.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out on this project!

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