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At Maximum Flavor Media, we have been deeply embedded in the commercial construction industry since our inception. Our team understands the unique demands and intricacies of construction projects, making us the ideal partner for your video production needs. We have extensive on-site safety training and are well-versed in the protocols, schedules, and working hours typical of construction environments. This familiarity allows us to integrate seamlessly into your projects, ensuring that we capture the most critical moments without disrupting the workflow.

Construction projects are dynamic and multifaceted, requiring a keen eye and precise timing to document effectively. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate active construction sites safely and efficiently. We use our expertise to create compelling videos that highlight the progress and achievements of your projects, helping you communicate your success to stakeholders, clients, and the broader community.



Over the years, we have produced a wide range of video content tailored to the needs of construction companies. Our portfolio includes:

Project Highlight Videos

Showcasing the key milestones and achievements of your construction projects.

Recruiting Videos

Attracting top talent by highlighting your company culture, values, and career opportunities.

Drone Cinematography

Utilizing our expertise in cinematic drone flying to capture stunning aerial footage of your construction projects.

Internal Marketing & Communications

Enhancing internal communications with videos that inform and engage your employees.

Event Coverage & Milestones

Capturing the excitement and significance of industry events, groundbreakings, and ribbon-cuttings.

Timelapse Photography

Documenting the progress of your projects over time, providing a visually compelling narrative of your construction journey.

Bid Videos

Strengthening your bid proposals with professional videos that showcase your expertise and project capabilities.

Our ability to produce such diverse content makes us a versatile and valuable partner for any construction company. We understand the importance of each type of video and how it can be used to achieve specific business objectives.


One of the most significant advantages of working with Maximum Flavor Media is our flexibility and responsiveness. We offer retainer models that are ideally suited for construction companies. With a retainer agreement, we can provide continuous coverage of your projects over the long term. This allows us to capture key moments as they happen, ensuring that no critical milestone or event goes undocumented.

  • Continuous Coverage: Maintain a consistent narrative of your project’s progress, capturing important developments and milestones.

  • Quick Response: Our team can quickly mobilize to capture exciting parts of the project, such as significant installations, inspections, or interviews with stakeholders.

  • Cost-Effective: Retainer models provide a cost-effective solution for ongoing video production needs, ensuring that you always have fresh and engaging content without the hassle of negotiating new contracts for each shoot.

  • Strategic Planning: By working with you over the long term, we can strategically plan content that supports your marketing and communication goals, ensuring that each video aligns with your broader objectives.



At Maximum Flavor Media, we are equipped to handle the video production needs of national construction companies. Our team is experienced in working with large, multi-site projects and managing the logistics of filming across different locations. Whether your project is in a bustling city or a remote area, we have the capabilities to deliver high-quality video content that meets your needs.

We understand that safety and professionalism are paramount on construction sites. Our team is equipped with company-branded PPE and is trained to adhere to all safety protocols. This commitment to safety ensures that our presence on your site is non-disruptive and secure, allowing us to focus on capturing the best footage possible.

Our approach to construction video production is thorough and meticulous. We take the time to understand your project, your goals, and what makes your company unique. This understanding allows us to create videos that not only document your projects but also tell a compelling story about your brand and your achievements.

Maximum Flavor Media is your trusted partner for construction video production. With our extensive experience, comprehensive services, and commitment to safety and professionalism, we provide the high-quality video content you need to showcase your projects and build your brand. Whether you need a single project highlight or continuous coverage over the life of a project, we have the expertise and flexibility to meet your needs. Trust us to capture the essence of your construction projects and help you communicate your success to the world.


ClearStory // Webcor Testimonial
DPR Construction // UCSF Block 23A Project Highlight
TimberQuest // The Sacred Heart Story
Clark Construction // Testimonial
M Moser // Design Case Study
XL Construction // Safety Culture
Dusty Robotics // Southland Industries
Plenary Group // Delivering a new Civic Center for Long Beach



Diane Anglin
Construction Communications Executive
Clark Construction

Every project with Maximum Flavor has been extremely professional leading to a high quality end product. They can be trusted to do an excellent job with high attention to detail. They have a passion for their craft with an emphasis on creating an engaging and authentic project. They are open minded but also offer their expertise - always to the benefit of the project. Their over-the-top responsiveness in very tight timelines has been extraordinary. Working with Maximum Flavor makes the whole experience very valuable, efficient and especially fun!


Mike Humphrey
Construction Executive
DPR Construction

We have an awesome relationship with Maximum Flavor spanning several years and dozens of amazing videos. They are the best kind of professionals...creative, fun, efficient, challenging, high-quality...but most of all invested. It feels like they are as much (if not more) committed to helping us develop great stories with messages that resonate. Great team!

video camera setup on tripod for music video production

Tessa Lau
Dusty Robotics

Maximum Flavor Media are our go-to crew to produce high-quality video assets. They are excellent storytellers and are able to draw out perfect sound bites from our customers to help us tell our story in the best possible light. Highly recommend this crew!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What types of video production services do you offer?
    At Maximum Flavor Media, our diverse video production services cater to various needs, such as commercial campaigns, corporate videos, marketing and branding videos, testimonial and recruitment videos, training videos, and drone videography. Additionally, we create product demos, case studies, event videos, live streaming content, documentaries, and music videos. Our expertise extends to editing and motion graphics services. While we cater to a multitude of industries, we specialize in Technology, Clean Energy, and Construction sectors.
  • How does your video production process work?
    First we take the time to understand the goals and objectives of your project. We will collaborate with you to determine the purpose and audience for the video, develop a script, and schedule the filming which includes production logistics and identifying the ideal location which may be a studio, on location, or at a company-provided site. During production we bring all the lights, camera and action which includes providing crew, equipment, and actors, if required. In the post-production phase, we edit and finalize the video, integrating music, sound effects, and graphics, ensuring the final product aligns with your messaging and brand standards. We’ll begin the process by providing rough edits and we’ll work together using our collaborative web-based video review capabilities to ensure efficiency and alignment throughout the project.
  • How can we get started with Maximum Flavor Media for our video production project?
    Ready to start your project? Simply contact us using the form on this page or give us a call. Our team will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a free estimate and timeline for the video.

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